Individual and corporate tax returns

As tax advisor in Moechengladbach we prepare all relevant tax returns for our clients.

Comprehensive know-how from one single source

No matter whether individual enterprise, freelancer, partnership, corporation or individual person: at steuerwerk you are in good hands since we remind you on deadlines within a timely manner and check whether your tax returns have been assessed correctly by German tax authorities.

In case of pending legal proceedings or when new insights are available in German tax literature, we will raise respective applications and objections. We inform our clients on relevant developments in legislation, jurisdiction and technical tax literature.

Having prepared your tax returns by a certified tax advisor has many benefits:

  • Legal regulations will be complied with

  • Tax scenarios and possibilities will be utilized

  • You will profit from a decrease of your tax burden

  • Preparation of all tax returns in time

  • The level of acceptance for your tax returns at the tax authorities will rise

  • Fewer queries from the tax authority

Tax returns –
our range of services:

  • Preparation of your individual income tax return

  • Trade tax return

  • Corporate income tax return

  • VAT return (preliminary and annual VAT returns)

  • Capital gains tax returns

  • Inheritance and gift tax declarations

  • Preparation of payment transactions

  • (Electronic) submission of the tax returns to the tax authorities

  • Preparation of several analyses

Alina Tiskens
LL.M., Certified Tax Advisor

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Sandra Niehaus
Certified Tax Advisor

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