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Team Recht draußen

The team in our legal department consists of a partner from steuerwerk, who is licensed as a lawyer, supported by cooperating lawyers, an attorney-at-law and a paralegal. Together this legal team provides comprehensive advice and support in all legal matters.

One of our specializations is labour law. We will support you with your individual needs regardless of whether you are employee, employer or leading a small enterprise.

Further, we have specialized in corporate law. We advise corporates of all sectors and legal forms, shareholders, managing directors and board members. Also with regard to commercial law, trade law and civil law we are happy to find solutions.

Labour law

In the field of labour law we represent employees and employers. Labour law contains the statutory framework for all rights and obligations resulting from a contractually agreed employment relationship, such as content of the employment contract, regulation of working hours, legal period of notice or the entitlement and amount of a compensation payment.

We are happy to help you with the preparation of an employment contract or reviewing of whether the General Equal Treatment Act (“AGG”) may have already been violated within in the application process.

Furthermore, we are happy to support you with negotiations on bargaining agreements, social compensation plans, reconciliations of interests and collective agreements as being parts of the collective labour law.

We support you with day-to-day legal issues, such as mobbing or discrimination. Also, we inform you on your rights in case of illness and possible vacation entitlements.

In addition, we assist you in case of termination of your employment agreement and support you during the whole dismissal lawsuit.

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Corporate law

Regarding corporate law we advise small and medium-sized enterprises starting from its establishment to ongoing business operations, including the legal transformation or the sale of a business. We assist you with choosing the proper company structure, answering questions of liability during the establishment or preparing articles of associations. Further, we support you regarding the establishment of supervisory boards, preparation of shareholder meetings and the transfer of shares.

Moreover, we support the defence and enforcement of shareholder claims and are also available in times of crisis.

Commercial and contract law

In the area of commercial law we advise small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in defencing and enforcing entitlements resulting from purchase contracts, work contracts or service contracts.

Dr. iur. Christian Hof

Certified specializations:

  • Certified specialist for labour law

Fields of law:

  • Labour law
  • Commercial law and company law
  • Corporate law and business succession


  • German
  • English

International law:

  • German law

Member of:

  • German National Academic Foundation
  • Institute for the Legal Profession at University of Cologne e.V.

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